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Don’t Worry, Be Happy

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“Don’t Worry. Be Happy.”


Easier said than done Bob.


What makes people happy anyway?


There’s tons of stuff out there on the interwebs talking about this thing called happiness.


You can find out who’s happier, why they’re happier, what you can do to be happier, why you’re not already happy, and so on and so on.


One thing that keeps popping up in my searches is that attractive people seem to be more happy.


This got me thinking… do our looks affect our emotional state?


Of course they do. I mean, when I’ve got my hair did, nails did, and I’m lookin fresh for a night out on the town, I feel different. I walk taller, have some extra swag, and my confidence is an 11/10.


Although it’s clear as day that how we look (or how we think we look) has some effect on our moods, it’s a little less clear as to how to make those good vibes last.


What happens when the makeup is off and the hair is a mess? Am I less happy when I’m in my sweatpants and a ponytail?


Nope. Usually I’m MORE happy that way. So to say good looks = happiness doesn’t quite add up.


I’m of the mind-set that the happier you are, or the more positive vibes you’re putting out, the better you look to others. Not the other way around.


Instead of me looking good, and feeling good about how good I look, I can choose to be positive and happy and cultivate that energy that comes across as attractive, sexy, good-looking, just by being.


This really is easier said than done.


When I’m feeling crappy, tired, stressed, sick, I’m not exactly emitting my sexiest vibes. However, I know that happiness is not always a product of circumstance, and this is what allows me to turn ON those good vibes even when I might feel like an absolute mess.


Happiness is not always a product of circumstance.


Sometimes, something great happens and we’re happy. Then, something not so great happens and the happiness goes away.


This is what it’s like when happiness is a product of circumstance.


Circumstances are good = I’m happy

Circumstances are bad = I’m sad/angry/frustrated/ anything but happy


If you haven’t noticed by now, life doesn’t always work out the way we want it to. Most times it’s a hot mess, a roller coaster, a soap opera, (insert your own analogy here).


To let our circumstances dictate our emotions is like letting someone else be the driver of your car. You might know where you WANT to go, but ultimately have no control as to where you end up.


So, how do we ensure we stay in the driver’s seat of our lives?


You know those “Happy People”? The ones that are happy no matter what cards life deals them? We usually hate them because they’re “too happy”. Well, they’ve got the right idea. And for the record I’m not talking about the people who fake happy so you’ll leave them alone either. I’m talkin real joyful people that you can’t seem to get enough of because they’re such a positive force.


What do they have that’s different? Have they figured out some sort of Happiness-Code?


Yes and no. Yes they’ve figured something out, but what they have is what we all have access to.


When we realize we can choose to be happy, it no longer becomes a circumstantial thing. It’s no longer about “when my circumstances change, I’ll be happy”.

When I lose 10 lbs I’ll be happier.

When I have more money I’ll be happier.

When I see my kids more I’ll be happier.

When I have my tummy-tuck I’ll be happier.


None of that.


It’s the epitome of seeing the silver lining. It takes work every day (because again, sometimes life is shitty and the silver lining is real hard to find when you’ve got a grey thunder cloud following you around), but the work is worth it.


We don’t need anything to change in order to be happy. This is what the “Happy People” have figured out. From this place of enough-ness comes a feeling of peace and even joy.


When we can find the positive in any situation, the light in the dark so to speak, we are in the driver’s seat. We are the ones choosing not to let our circumstances run our life.


When we choose happiness, we are owning our own strength.

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