Our Creator

Rachel Henry

Hi I’m Rachel, creator and voice of Own Your Strength.

As a fitness coach, stretch therapist, and corrective exercise specialist, I’ve been helping people conquer their personal struggles and achieve their health and wellness goals for over 10 years.

I’ve studied kinesiology, holistic nutrition, corrective exercise, fascial stretch therapy, and a variety of disciplines for training the body to be strong and healthy, inside and out. I have been fortunate to have trained under some of the best specialists and physical therapists both in Canada and the UK, and strive to apply a well rounded and tailored approach to each of my clients.

As the founder of Own Your Strength, my mission is to empower those around me to love and appreciate the bodies they have in order to live balanced, happy lives.

Over the years I have found, through my own challenges with weight gain, worthiness, and body shaming, that when we change our perspective on our bodies, our bodies change.

When we can cultivate appreciation for ourselves as we are, we will naturally treat our bodies with kindness and respect, opening up the potential to achieve any personal health and wellness goals.

So come wander around the OYS community – read some blogs, leave some comments, or ask your questions.

This a place of acceptance and understanding, where you’ll find tools and techniques to cultivate your own version of optimal health.