Online Programs

Of course not everyone has time to get into the gym. And to be honest, not many people really need the gym in order to get out of pain and into the shape they want to be.

With remote assessments, one on one sessions, programs, and program updates, we will take care of the boring stuff, so you can focus on your goals.

Our online programs are customized to what each person needs and always paired with open lines of communication with you and your Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES). Your program will have photos and videos to remind you of proper form, but should you be unsure, your CES will be on hand to help you through to get the most out it.

We use a platform called PhysiTrack, the world leader in remote patient engagement. With this app you can track your sessions, record pain scores, and you can communicate with your CES directly regarding any comments you have about the program.

In addition to programming, we often see clients over Zoom or FaceTime for one to one training sessions. These sessions are focused and targeted and can fit anywhere in your day. Having regular weekly sessions is one of the best way to stay accountable and on track with any new regime.

For more information about online training please feel free to contact us.